ETHOS X for Fat Determination

Total Determination of fat content in just 90 minutes!

Traditional methods lead to the use of large amounts of solvents to remove fat from a sample matrix, resulting in low cost-effectiveness.
As an example, conventional fat extraction of pretreated cheese usually requires 3 hours and over 100 mL of solvent per sample. The standard fat extraction methods are not efficient in matter of cost and time, also exposing laboratory technicians to dangerous solvents.
To overcome these limitations, Milestone has developed a fast yet accurate microwave-based technology, which allows the chemist to carry out the simultaneous determination of fat content in 12 milk and milk products samples in just 90 minutes, with equivalent results of those obtained with reference techniques like Rose-Gottlieb method, Weibull-Stoldt or Schmid-Bondzynski-Ratzlaff method. The main advantages of this technology include:

  • 12 samples simultaneously
  • 75% solvent reduction
  • Up to 10 gram of sample amount
  • Combined hydrolysis and extraction


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