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Analytical testing labs supporting metal and mining industries face some of the toughest sample preparation challenges than any other industry, elaborating samples of ores, slags, metals, and refractories. Most of these sample types require modern technologies of microwave digestion for metals analysis to remain in line with the ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis standards. Latest requirements in fast sample turnaround require lab instrumentation that can optimize the analytical workflow on every step from sample preparation to final result.
At Milestone, we understand the challenges faced by metal testing labs supporting this industry and striving to develop equipment that improves analytical data quality and optimizes laboratory workflow reducing time needed for final result. Our products are built according to the highest quality and safety specifications to ensure many years of excellent service and low lifetime operating costs. Reliable, fast and responsive service along with high-quality assistance ensure high uptime and unmatched analysis experience.

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Milestones' solutions for Metal applications

Mercury Determination
Mercury Determination

Direct mercury analysis requires no sample preparation and delivers results in as little as six (6) minutes per sample.

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Microwave Digestion
Microwave Digestion

The most intelligent yet powerful microwave digestion platforms to satisfy a wide array of application needs.

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