Microwave technology is changing the way to design and optimize synthetic protocols as well as their scaling up to multi-gram production.

The latest generation of dedicated microwave reactors enables a fast screening of reaction conditions by means of parallel tests, selecting the best catalyst, solvent and conditions bringing microwave assisted synthesis to new levels. Since its introduction, it has allowed chemists to run experiments faster than ever before and with higher yields. 
Today microwave synthesis instrumentation has become an optimal choice across the pharmaceutical, biotech, polymers and agro-chemical industries, with thousands of units installed worldwide.

Reactions completed in minutes, not hours

Enhanced selectivity

Improved yelds

Lower sample contamination

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce quantity of sample/chemicals

Microwave organic synthesis plays a key role for both organic or microwave inorganic synthesis performed simply with our dedicated platform. Its intuitive software always guarantees precise control of your reaction parameters to perform microwave chemical synthesis according to your demands saving time and efforts.



In combination with specific accessories, allows the chemists to perform classic glassware and high pressure synthesis, as well as solid-phase reactions.

Improved yields

Reactions completed in minutes instead of hours.

Lower by-products formation

and sample contamination.

Microwave field homogeneity

Fast and homogeneous heating of samples thanks to a rotating diffuser.


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Advanced Flexible Microwave Synthesis Platform

The Game Changer in Microwave Synthesis


High pressure capabilities

It is able to bear temperatures up to 300°C and pressures to 199 bar.

Enhanced selectivity

Quickly and easily evaluation of different catalysts, solvents and reaction conditions.

Single or multiple reactions

Multiple reactions are carried out simultaneously under exactly the same temperature and pressure conditions - even using different solvents.

Easy scale-up

The combination of high microwave power density of 1.5kW/L and powerful stirring allows the same conditions developed for smallscale reactions to be replicated.


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Read our latest publication, the new “Microwave Chemistry” book. 

Modernizing Trace Organic Analysis

In this book we discuss the importance of sample preparation for trace organic analysis.
Part I focuses on the fundamental theory of extracting an analyte from a sample matrix, modern extraction techniques, and post extraction processing.
Part II reviews modern instrumental analysis techniques as they relate to the sample preparation process and Part III discusses how advances in microwave technology bring sample preparation to the same standards as instrumental techniques