The analyst must ‘think blank’. He must be aware of every step of the analytical procedure as to the effect on the blank. He must ask himself “If I do this, what is the effect on the blank?  

– T. Murphy, The role of analytical blank in accurate trace analysis
Milestone Clean Chemistry Line offers innovative and complete portfolio of systems and accessories for analytical blank control and reduction in ultra-trace elemental analysis. There is a growing awareness that sample preparation should evolve to the same standards of newest analytical techniques, such as ICP-MS providing a number of factors that can make critical impact on analysis quality. All these factors are related to reduction and control of analytical blank. To address this issue, Milestone developed a comprehensive line of products and accessories to reduce and control the analytical blank perfectly reflected in our ETHOS UP and ETHOS EASY microwave digestion systems.

Purity of the reagents

Cleanliness of the material in contact with the sample

Sample preparation method

duoPUR and subPUR

90% cost saving

Of ultra-pure acids by purifying low-cost reagent grade acids.

High productivity

Up to 400 mL per hour (duoPUR) and up to 60 mL per hour (subCLEAN).

On-demand acid purification

For no sample contamination.

Re-purification of contaminated acids

Fast and safe heating of acids.

Quartz sub-boiling distillation system

PTFE sub-boiling distillation system


Suitable for the purification of HF

As well as for HNO3 and HCl.

Ultra-pure acids

Best acid quality is obtained.


Automatic acid loading.

No need for cooling water or chiller

Acid vapors rapidly condense into a collection bottle by forced air cooling.


Easy to use

Fast, convenient and fully automated.

Best cleaning quality

Of your TFM, glass and quartz parts.


Perfect accessory for your microwave digestion system.

Maximum operator's safety

No operator’s exposure to acid vapors.

Time saver

Avoid soaking items in hot acids for several hours.

Acid steam cleaning system for PTFE, quartz and glassware

Scaled up SRC technology for ultimate throughput

Ultratrace inserts

The “Vessel-Inside-Vessel Technology” was developed by Milestone in the late 90s. Vessel-inside-vessel technology uses a smaller secondary vessel inside the primary microwave vessel.

Advantages include: 

Less acid volume

Higher sample amount

Lower dilution factor

Better detection limit

Lower analytical blank

Do you know how to reduce the sample prep blank?

Read our latest “THINK BLANK” book.


Clean Chemistry Tools for Atomic Spectroscopy

This book explains how a laboratory can reach full control of analytical blanks and sample preparation for obtaining accurate results. The application of instruments and strategies to control sample prep blank is often called a “Clean Chemistry” technique. This book discusses the factors impacting blank quality, in particular when microwave digestion is used, and reviews some Clean Chemistry products and technologies designed to help the analyst generate superior analytical data on their ICP-OES or ICP-MS instrumentation.