Advanced Microwave Extraction System for Environmental Laboratories

Our integrated solution offers higher sample throughput and easier handling in microwave green extraction, while ensuring analysis quality, cost-effectiveness and faster turnaround time for environmental laboratories.

Large sample amount in disposable glass vials.

The ETHOS X with fastEX-24 rotor extracts up to 30 grams of sample with minimal solvent volume, helping analysts to accomplish their tasks. The Milestone fastEX-24 rotor uses disposable glass vials, eliminating the need for cleaning and the possibility of memory effect between different runs. The 100 mL vials can accommodate the extraction of a large sample amount. The easy to handle and affordable cost of the vials leads to high productivity at a very low running cost.


A simple 4-step process to prepare your run:


The ETHOS X meets the demands for productivity required by modern environmental laboratories. While other technologies process sequentially one sample at the time, increasing the overall sample preparation time, the ETHOS X simultaneously processes 24 samples in 40 minutes!
Productivity based on 8 hours working shift. 24 samples requiring 40 minutes with the ETHOS X, 240 minutes with Sequential Pressurized Liquid Extraction and multiple hours with Soxhlet.
Milestone ETHOS X recovery study and comparison vs Soxhlet for various organic compounds.


Data quality and reliability are key for environmental labs. The ETHOS X with fastEX-24 rotor provides fast, accurate and precise analysis. The unique design of the fastEX-24 rotor with its large volume disposable glass vials eliminates cross contamination and memory effect, resulting in reproducible results.


Following US EPA 3546? This is a procedure for extracting water insoluble or slightly water soluble organic compounds from soils, clays, sediments, sludges, and solid wastes.
Microwave extraction is faster and produces more accurate and precise results than other methods. Typical applications of microwave-assisted solvent extraction: chlorinated pesticides, semi-volatile organics, PAHs, PCBs, chlorinated herbicides, phenols, organophosphorus pesticides, dioxins and furans.


With low solvent consumption and high productivity, the ETHOS X reduces the cost per analysis for the extraction of environmental pollutants. In addition, the Ethos X provides the flexibility to perform sample preparation for metals analysis on the AAS, ICP and ICP-MS. Two different applications with a single microwave platform!


The ETHOS X is available in several configurations to accomplish a wide range of applications. It encompasses Milestone’s visionary concept of “Total Microwave Sample Preparation” and, with a comprehensive choice of accessories, ETHOS X also offers a complete first-class solution for microwave acid digestion, high-temperature fusion, vacuum evaporation, and even or protein hydrolysis in the same microwave platform.