SRC Technology

The ultraWAVE is based on the SRC (Single Reaction Chamber technology), invented by Milestone several years ago (Patents pending). SRC technology achieves extraordinary performance capabilities combining microwave heating with a high-pressure reactor which acts simultaneously as microwave cavity and vessel. The ultraWAVE chamber is sealed, pressurized, heated, cooled, vented, and opened via a dedicated touch-screen control terminal. Loading a rack of samples into the chamber is the only manual operation in an otherwise fully automated process of microwave-assisted sample preparation. The outer surfaces of the vessel remain at room temperature throughout the entire microwave heating cycle. As a result, the ultraWAVE is dramatically less labor intensive and easier to use compared to conventional microwave digestion systems.

  • High performance – The highest temperatures & pressure capabilities and the fastest cooling time.
  • Increased throughput – Double throughput of traditional microwave acid digestion instruments.
  • No batching required – Simultaneous digestion of any sample type combination.
  • Ease of use – Cleaning of digestion vials is not necessary. No vessel assembly/disassembly.
  • Expertise and Support – 30-years experience at your lab with the Milestone Connect.
  • Compliance – USP 232/233 Chapters, ICH Q3D Guidelines and FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11.


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