The next generation microwave digestion system

The ultraCLAVE shares Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology with the ultraWAVE (link), offering all the same great benefits, speed, quality of results, reproducibility, and no pollution of the laboratory or environment, while overcoming the restrictions of traditional microwave digestion systems.
At its heart a larger reaction chamber can accommodate up to 40 samples in 20 mL disposable glass vials and it is pre-pressurized with inert gas and then heated by microwaves. The pressurized chamber serves simultaneously as the microwave cavity and the reaction vessel.
Chemists can digest large sample masses, large batches of mixed sample types, and even the toughest sample matrices requiring sustained high temperatures. Cross-contamination is non-existent and extremely high throughput can be achieved. Finally, reduced acid usage, consumables, and need for labor provide long-term cost savings.

  • Highest sample amount
  • Highest sample throughput
  • Highest temperature and pressure
  • Same conditions for all samples
  • Minimal required labor and lowest running cost
  • Full automation and documentation


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