Ultratrace Inserts

Increase detection limit

Microwave digestion techniques typically require a minimum volume of reagents of about 5 mL to achieve accurate temperature monitoring of the reaction conditions. However sometimes it is important to maintain a very low dilution factor, particularly when working at concentrations near the method detection limit. These factors inspired us to use vessel-inside-vessel technology. It uses smaller secondary vessel (2) inside the primary microwave vessel (1). The secondary vessel contains the sample and digestion reagents (3), while the primary vessel contains the solution in which temperature control takes place.
This setup reduces the amount of acid required for digestion, lowering the dilution factor and increasing the detection limit.
A variety of inserts is available from Milestone in different materials (Quartz or TFM) and with different sizes and shapes, to accomplish all application requirements.

  • Less acid volume
  • Higher sample amount
  • Lower dilution factor
  • Increased method detection limit
  • Less surface contamination
  • Lower analytical blank


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