duoPUR and subPUR

Make your own ultrapure acids

The chemical reagents used during the analysis are an important source of the analytical blank. Sub-boiling distillation has been demonstrated to be the best method of acid purification. Offering an optimal purification method for preparation of high purity reagents, this type of acid distillation uses contactless infrared lamps to vaporize the surface liquid at a temperature typically 20°C below the boiling point.
In contrast to conventional distillation systems, where strong boiling action generating aerosolized particles results in contamination of the original liquid with the distillate, the duoPUR acid purification system using sub-boiling technology provides gentle surface evaporation preventing the formation of spray or droplets and yields to ultrapure acids.
The duoPUR offers an alternative to the purchase of expensive high purity acids for trace elemental analyses.

  • Up to 90% cost saving of ultrapure acids
  • High productivity, up to 400 mL per hour with duoPUR
  • ‘On-demand’ acid purification
  • Re-purification of contaminated acids
  • Single or double distillation upon on requirements


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