Full contamination control from containers

Cleaning various items used in ultra-trace analysis work is a critically important laboratory routine. To minimize contamination, traditional cleaning methods require soaking items in hot acids, often for several hours. To be effective large volumes of acid are consumed and need to be changes regularly. There is also a substantial risk of exposure to hot acids and acid vapors using traditional soaking techniques. To address these issues, Milestone has developed the traceCLEAN, a fully automated, self-contained, acid steam cleaning system for trace metal analysis accessories.
Place the items to be cleaned in the traceCLEAN system, program the time and temperature required, then press “Start”. Automatic acid reflux system will ensure freshly distilled acid vapors within the sealed unit, ensuring thoroughly cleaning of lab apparatus from any metal contaminants. Various holders are available for vials, microwave digestion vessels, flasks, glassware and ICP-MS accessories.

  • Versatile – Best cleaning quality of lab apparatus, either TFM, glass and quartz parts
  • Safe and easy-to-use – No operator exposure to acid vapors.
  • Highly productive – Fast, convenient, clean, and fully automated.
  • Cost-effective and productive – No changing of acids or soaking required.


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