How EASY can microwave sample preparation become?

The range of sample types requesting microwave digester and analysis for trace metals has grown significantly in recent years. At the same time, sample workloads have increased, and turnaround time reduced.
In addition, the development of collision cell ICP-MS has widened its applicability to more complex sample types placing additional demands on microwave acid digestion: its lower detection limits and fast analysis time require lower blank contribution and higher throughput in sample preparation techniques.
In response to these demands, Milestone has developed the new microwave digestion oven ETHOS EASY, specifically designed for closed vessel microwave acid digestion, with full control of all reaction parameters.

  • Safety by design – Best microwave hardware, temperature and pressure sensors
  • Ease of use and control – easyTEMP temperature control and advanced rotor technology
  • Performance and throughput – EasyCONTROL operating software
  • know-how and support – 30-years experience at your lab with the Milestone Connect
  • Flexibility – Rotor-based digestion system for hundreds of applications.


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